Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Auditing access in Active Directory

Auditing is a very important aspect of IT security, and for many organizations, it is essential to maintaining security and demonstrating regulatory compliance.

In Windows Server deployments, auditing for identity and access management tasks is done in the Active Directory, and audit entries are generated in audit logs on domain controllers.

In this blog, we take an indepth look at to audit important tasks in Active Directory, how to decipher audit events, and how to collect data from audit logs on different domain controllers.

If you're into IT and Windows security, you'll find this to be helpful and useful.

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  1. Hello Charles,

    Greetings from Dubai. I am an Windows IT admin and have been working with Active Directory for quite some time now. One of the things that interests me is Active Directory Security and I have been recently looking at Active Directory Risks. I've found that using a Permissions Analyzer for Active Directory can be very helpful in finding out who has what permissions in Active Directory. I thought I would share this with you in case it help you too.

    Best wishes,